Fit to FAT


My last month’s goal – going off the grid failed miserably. After deleting all the social media application from my phone and being firm about not going back on it for at least after a months time, I was back on it in a week (will write more about it soon).  So after the failed attempt, I decided to pursue a new mission, a new goal which will help me get back to my slim figure. It is somewhat new as I never had to consciously focus on staying fit as I was blessed naturally. I never had to diet, not once did I ever work out for I had a naturally slim demeanour for which I thanked my genes as I thought that was the reason behind my body type. I have survived binge eating because it never added an inch of fat on my body. I had the liberty to eat what I wanted when I  wanted and how much ever I wanted without feeling guilty about it. A minute on the lip was never on the hip for me. I was one of the ‘Can eat as much as she wants but will never put on even an ounce of weight’ girl. I have been fit as a fiddle; never been diagnosed with any major or minor medical condition despite my cheese and street food addiction. Was I just plain lucky or was there another reason behind it? If I was lucky did I run out luck in the last few month and suddenly started putting on? Or is it the age factor as I am in my late twenties? Or Is it the curse of the many girls who envied my body finally made it to me? It wasn’t any of these things but it was a technique that I followed for years without being aware of it. With every morsel of food that went in my mouth, the thought that accompanied it  was “I will always be slim no matter what I eat.” It was an automatic thought process that I had developed over time. I was very comfortable in my own skin and proud of my appearances, no amount of body-shaming or remarks had ever made me feel less stunning about myself. Body-shaming is sadly a part of Indian culture where you are on a gamut of fat or skinny and no one is spared from it, as you can never be the right size for there is always a scoop of improvement. The best part about the body-shamming people who righteously added me in the ‘too thin to get married category’ was that ironically they were the same people dreaming to fit into the size 0 jeans but couldn’t because of their big fat negative attitude toward their own body. I was too strong mentally to let people struggling with low self-esteem themselves pull me down to their level and make me feel sad for the way I naturally looked. (Notice how all the sentences are in the past tense).

It wasn’t till recently that I realised that what was keeping me in shape wasn’t just my good genes but the practice of positive automatic thoughts/ positive self-talk. Positive self-talk is not thinking fat thoughts which are a common mistake people make. What are fat thoughts? Fat thoughts are “This food will make me fat, it’s too oily.” “ I feel guilty for eating this piece of cake, I am cheating on my diet.” “ I am fat I will always stay fat no matter what I do.” “This burger will make me fat, too many calories.” Take a minute before you eat that next cheese burger or the chocolate cake next time to focus on thoughts. What are your thoughts? Are they fat thoughts? Or Are they slim thoughts? Do you feel guilty after eating food or do you feel happy about it? These thoughts can determine the way your body turns out to be.

As a practising psychologist, I truly believe that if you learn to discipline your thought even in your eating habits you won’t need out side help no diet, no workout just the power of your mind is enough to get you the figure you want without giving up on your favourite food. I am a big walking evidenced of that. But if you don’t, believe me, there are many studies and research supporting this statement.* “I will always stay slim no matter what I eat” is the success Mantra/the belief system that gave me the slim body. To prove this theory think of a person you know who hardly eats anything but is on the heavy side. She/he is doing everything right but aren’t able to lose weight. Unless they have a health condition the 100s of promising diets, new weight loss pills and exercises should work but they don’t. Why? The only reason behind it is the belief in one’s ability to become fit. Do you believe you can be fit?
So why am I trying to eat right and stay fit suddenly? Why this goal all of a sudden? 3 months ago I started noticing changes in my body extra mass on these bones, layers of fat on my stomach. My cute little flat tummy is slowly bulging out, my thighs that have been parallel and apart from each other are now kissing each other every time I walk. These are changes that only I can feel and notice as it is going on inside my body. No outsider can say that I look fat but the problem is I feel fat. I FEEL FAT this is the danger zone that I have entered in. Automatic positive thoughts have now changed into negative ones. I am thinking fat thoughts! My recent observation is that as soon I eat something then rub my belly and say“ I am going to become fat.” The genie just like in the Aladdin’s story says-Your wish is my command.

Like I said it is the power of your mind it can make you or it can break you. So how did the positive thoughts that kept me going for over 2 decades turn negative? How did I land up feeling and thinking fat thoughts? The ‘body-shamer’ that I spoke about always had this concerned question posed to me every time I met them “When will you put on?” I rubbed my belly and answered “After marriage” and you know what the genie said-Your wish is my command. To every root, fibre and muscle in my body and mind, I believed it. Since I believed in this answer so much it started turning into reality. After 2 years of being married, I am starting to gradually gain weight. I have never been over 42 kg before marriage no matter what I ate or did and now I am nearly 50 kg. Not that this weight changes my category for now but it’s happening. Many people told me it is the fresh food or the weather of London or all the sex after marriage the reason behind it but I know it’s the power of my thoughts that got converted into reality.

I am determined now to change those negative thoughts to positive ones. “I will be slim no matter what I eat.” I am using an Indian diet application to help me reach this goal, as I need to believe that it will work. I successfully managed to do the physical activities which have to give my lazy muscles a wake-up call causing pain as they haven’t been disturbed in a long time.  Diet –wise tried green tea and cinnamon water for the first time and it wasn’t the best taste but will develop it with time. Difficult to follow the strict diet as it involved cooking and taking lunch boxes to work but persistence and patience are the keys to success. I will be soon back to eating cheese daily and still be as slim as I was till then the salad and low carbs will have to support me in changing this thought process.
Will be updating soon on how I am successful or unsuccessful in achieving this goal.

Do let me know about your endeavour to staying fit and healthy and if you have the same experience as I have. Think Thin thoughts & stay fit.

*( Check out the YouTube video to know more about the power of self-talk of the well know author and writer-Dr. Shad Helmstetter – “The Story of Self-Talk”)

Love &Passion


In my previous blogs, I have shared my love for my husband and about our sweet relationship but today I am dedicating this blog to my first true love. Yes, I have been in love for over a decade and I still can’t get over this affair. The love affair began in my college days and the passion between us only grew with time.  Before you let your imaginations run wild let me stop you there. Sorry to let your expectation down but no it isn’t some man I am talking about but it’s my passion for my career. (Hope my husband makes pass this paragraph.)

Finding your true passion is similar and equally challenging to finding your life partner. If you are lucky you will find it in your first attempt or you will stumble across the wrong ones before you find your true passion. The plus point of a career is you can be passionate about more than one thing and be able to pursue all of it at the same time, can’t say the same for a life partner.

 ‘Do what you love, love what you do’.  A simple proverb with a deep philosophy. I am blessed to be doing what I love as the latter half is difficult to achieve or at least that was my experience.

The first step accordingly to the philosophy is realizing what is it that you love to do? And based on my understanding it can take you a really long time to figure it out sometimes. You need to have a curious mind that will force you to try new experiences. Fear can be a big obstacle that can demotivate you from trying and experiencing new paths. Don’t let fear-fear of failure, fear of embarrassment or making a fool of yourself overwhelm you from finding your true love. My journey as a trainer began when I decided to let go the phobia of talking in front of people and I attempted to do my first presentation in front of an actual crowd.

Like Steve Jobs said ‘You can only connect the dots looking backward’, I think looking back, at the day when I did my first presentation in college and received a great response from the audience was the day the flirting was over and the love affair truly began. Today I have come a long way after giving over 300 presentations from being a nervous wreck to speaking confidently in front of a big crowd of different age groups, experiences, backgrounds and not be overwhelmed by it.

To reach here I had to go through 2 painful years of my junior college studying Commerce which I absolutely despised. It was a long bad relationship where we had nothing in common and no future together. Commerce was the boyfriend my family and relatives chose for me. They thought we were an ideal match and they were wrong. To be fair in the hindsight if I hadn’t tried and tested commerce, I wouldn’t have been so confident about my true love in the future. Dated the wrong one before finding the right one.

I was always stubborn about being connected to my field and my passion even when it meant being unemployed. This takes me to the second part of the saying – loving what you do. It’s like dating a guy your friend or family choose for you and you might start liking him in the long run or you might not.

 I have always speculated whether people would continue working for a long-term in a field they do not like just because it paid a lot more or under social pressure, like in the movie Zindagi na Milege Dobara Hrithik’s main goal was to make as much money as he can till he turned 40 and then follow his passion for cooking in the future.

One of my friends always said that “I would love any work as long as it paid good money as my passion is earning money, the job didn’t matter.”  I wonder if it was true for most people. Would you do something you don’t like for pure monetary gain? Will it affect your mental health in the long run? Will it hamper your performance if you have zero interest in the work you do?

So this one if for you: Do you love what you do or do you do what you love? What is your story , write it in the comment section.


Ki & Ka really KYA?


After pestering my husband for a week to go for one more Bollywood movie with me, he finally caved on a Sunday and agreed to take me for Ki and Ka. Being a classic man his preference or idea of a good movie are non chick-flick, non-emotional movies and being the girl I am, I absolutely love them so I was eagerly waiting to watch it. The trailers did make me excited about watching this movie as after marriage anything that remotely depicts   relationship related topic excites me. We reached just in time before the movie begins (I was afraid we were going to miss the beginning). The concept of man taking care of the house and women working did sound interesting and I was looking forward to what shaped this situation.

The very first 15 minutes of the movie made me realise I am in for disappointment and no surprise my husband was bored to the core. I have no take on the actors acting ability, direction and other technical aspects of the movie but when I watch a movie all I am looking forward for is a good script. The real soul of a movie is the story line and how well it is conceived. Here what we get to see is a wealthy handsome boy who decides that he does not want to work ever but he dreams to become a House-Husband like his mom for the rest of his life out of choice not because of life situations, not because he doesn’t have any abilities or capabilities to earn but out of his own WILL and he shockingly finds a girl who finds this idea appealing enough to get married to him so she can focus on her career. I found this basic concept unappealing. The 2nd half became a bit interesting and all I enjoyed was  Jaya Bachan’s letter and what Kareena’s Mom says in the end that it’s not about being a boy or a girl but it’s about who earns and who doesn’t.

Don’t get me wrong I am all up for a guy taking care of the house-cooking, cleaning, decorating, taking care of my parents all of it. In fact I always dreamt of getting married to such a guy who would help me around the house so that I too can focus on my career and fortunately I am married to one. He doesn’t feel less of man to sweep the house when I am tired or bored some days, he doesn’t crib about having to take me grocery shopping or pick up milk on the way when there is none left for next day. He wouldn’t feel less of man if I earned more than him or became more successful than him in my career. In fact he has gone out of his way to support me in  my endeavours of this difficult career change be it financially or morally , he is a pillar of my strength. And he is able to do it without having to quit his job and cook for me daily. To become my support I would not expect him to leave his job, give up his passion and destroy his ambition just so he can be at my service daily. In the movie he didn’t have the will to work  from the very beginning but the minute he starts earning and  gets some popularity, very conveniently ‘The Wife’ asks him to stay at home and stop giving his t.v. talks because he had promised to just be a house-husband. So are we trying to say that since women have suffered because of men for generation and weren’t allowed to work or still aren’t allowed to work its ok for us to do the same for men and ask them to stop doing what they like as that was the treatment given to us?  Are we justifying injustice?

What I find hypocritical is that we have been trying since years to promote women empowerment, convince them that they have abilities, skills those can be made use of.  I have personally given workshops, seminars to persuade college girls at the young age to have a career, create goals and try to fulfill them. But never in my training I had to ask these girls; Go and find a guy who will take care of the house so that you can manage your career. We are asking women to be independent, stand on their feet not be dependent on their dad’s, husbands for a livelihood and here we are applauding a concept which asks men to do the opposite. So are we trying to cultivate a new generation of youth where we will tell our future sons to be ok with just being a good house-husband so that the women can work rather than an equal society where we teach our kids that despite the gender, having an identity and being independent is important? I am amused where the characters in the movie appreciate the guy for not working but taking care of the house and letting his wife work. The point here is he is doing it out of his own will. He didn’t sacrifice anything, in fact he found a partner who was ready to take care of his expenses so that he can fulfil his wish to be at home.

If anyone needs applaud it’s the girl who was willing to get married to guy who wants to do nothing for a living out of choice. I would definitely want to meet a girl who is willing to take this step. Every career oriented women wants to have a husband who supports her and lets her flourish in her career but I am yet to come across a woman whose dream is to have a husband taking care of household duties out of choice not because he can’t find a job or it’s a temporary phase but that’s his wish for the rest of his life. This movie is more a male fantasy rather than a woman’s wish for a supporting husband. These days guys are looking out for a partner who can work and support the family as well, I find it hard to believe any girl will be willing to get married to guy who wants to have no career. And having a career doesn’t mean just working 9 to 5 but having some goal.  It doesn’t matter who wears the Mangalsutra in the relationship as long as both are equal partners and get mutual respect.

The best example of a real life supporting husband is Mary kom’s husband – Onler Kom. I would applauded and his praise him for the support regardless of of the hardships they went through to support his wife’s ambition. But for that he didn’t no give up his career, he is still working together with his wife and running a ngo unlike the rich boy who out of choice wanted to be an Artist, he had the luxury as eventually we all knew he would one way or the other inherit the money which he did eventually in the end. I am sure if his mom would have been alive in the movie she too wouldn’t have approved of his choice.

Let’s celebrate the real men who not only work and take care of their family but at the same time take care of the house, go grocery shopping with them and give them a true support by letting them progress in their career and building their family working together.Not the rich boy who had it easy from living on dad’s pocket money to wife’s salary.



I Do, DO I???


‘Grass is always greener on the other side’ is without a doubt the perfect proverb describing the eternal cold war between girls who have tied-the-knot and the ones who are still embracing single life. Especially when you are newly married and are the first one in your group of friends to take the plunge, you will feel the constant need to check if you made the right call or should you have waited like the rest of your gang.  Your single friends too tend to go through a mixed feeling of envy and happiness at the same time just like in one of the FRIENDS episode where Rachel and Phoebe accept that they are a bit jealous of Monica for getting married before them and at the same time are extremely joyful for her as well.  But there are times where a married girl questions her decision about her wedded state. Have you ever pondered over the thought of being single rather than married?

The answer will differ from person to person depending on the experience and life circumstances. If you had the correct answer for the following two questions before getting hitched you are possible happier than other married ladies and do not dream about your single life.

  1. Did you get married for the right reasons?
  2. Did you get married to the right person?

Girls tend to get pushed for marriage even if they are not ready for it. If you got married for the following reasons then probably you might be regretting the decision and wishing to get back to your single life.

  1. All my friends were getting married so I thought I should get married too.
  2. My biological clock was ticking fast.
  3. My parents wanted me to get married.
  4. All good guys would have been taken if I had waited longer.
  5. I was feeling lonely I thought marriage would fill the void.
  6. My husband would provide for my shopping and I will no longer have to work.
  7. I was running away from my past romantic life.

The above reasons could have backfired bringing you more sadness than happiness and hence you feel the desire to get back to your single life.The 2nd question is the toughest to get an answer for. For some all it took was one meeting and for some they are still figuring out if he is the one. Despite being married for the right reasons and the right person you do miss certain aspects about your single life-like:

  1. Being pampered by your parents: No one can replace your parents place in your life. I miss my mom’s cooked food, my dad dealing with my unreasonable demands and tantrum. Just overall the feeling of being pampered for no reason the unconditional love.
  1. Time with your friends: If you have shifted countries one void no one will be able to fill is your time with your friends back home. I miss the carefree time, night outs, crazy parties and the feeling of being myself without being judged. It’s the bond, the feeling, the secrets that we have been sharing since time we met can never be replaced.
  1. Financial Freedom: If you were a working girl before, you have the habit of swiping your cards and using your hard-earned money for everything. After marriage till you settle down and get a job you will be dependent on your husband to provide for daily needs. I do miss working, fun time with colleagues, the deadlines, achievements…
  1. Acting Immature: You are expected to be responsible most of the time towards your new family. You learn to take important decision and being responsible for your actions more as compare to what you did before. Sometimes I miss acting silly, just lying around doing nothing for days.
  1. Living Carefree: One of the perks of being single is you live in present with fewer worries about the future. At that point difficult decisions were restricted to which movies to go for, where do we take our next trip for the weekend. After marriage your mind is filled with important future decisions like house, kids, financial securities, insurance etc. Impulsive and spontaneity tend to take a back seat.

Despite missing these things nothing can replace the calmness and the feeling of stability for having a life-partner to share every moment with. It’s like having a friend whom you can irritate for a life-time without having the fear of losing him. The best perk of being married is you have someone committed to care and love you for the rest of life and I am glad I have that special someone.

Home away from home

me     If you have ever relocated in your life to a new city or a country leaving your loved ones behind then I am sure you are acquainted with one very common and after a point an exasperating question:

‘Do you like it here or do  you miss your home town?’ or the way it’s put across by the blunt  ‘ Is this town/country better than yours?’

I have recently relocated to UK-London from India-Mumbai after marriage and it has been few months away from my ‘Old’ home. The one thing probably we have been told as girls that sooner or later we will be moving to a ‘New’ home as that’s how it’s destined for us. I think we are trained since birth for this reality and very few of us are willing to change this norm. But when you are in that transition and the reality hits you in the face no amount of training and knowledge can alter the pain you feel when the realization dawns upon you that it’s time to bid good-bye to your parents and siblings even when you are awaiting to begin your new life.

It is an emotional roller-coaster in any women’s life where her world is about to be changed hopefully for the better and she has little control over what’s coming ahead of her. It is still easy if you are living in the same city and vicinity of your parent’s house. (It feels funny to call my house as my parent’s house after 26 years!) But when girls like me move to completely strange land literally seven seas across without any prior knowledge or experience about the new home she is going to live in can be very nerve wrecking experience for some. The only soothing factor here is that your new family is nurturing and comforting enough to easy this transition for you. I can say I was lucky in those terms.

We all know very well that every country in fact every town and every house has its do’s and don’t that you need to get acquainted with. Every country comes with its pro and cons some have more pros than cons or vice versa. Being born and brought up in Mumbai I do have a sense of pride that cannot go away and might never go away and I am sure it’s the same for anyone who had to leave their home town , you do love it despite all that is being said about it. It’s more about the memories and the people who you are attached to rather than just the place itself. Like out of the blue I started missing marine drive (the queens necklace) not only because it’s beautiful but because it holds memories of my college life. Bunking lectures and  taking a stroll with friends gazing at the endless sea ,the laughter, the fun that’s why that place is precious in my memories so what do I do at 3 am when I miss my town I watch a movie that depicts my city to sooth the nostalgia.

Having said that it does not mean that I do not like the place I live in now. I still remember the first time when I landed on this strange land holding my husband’s hand at the very first look I fell in love with it, was breath-taking. After a year-long wait for this day and all 11406907_10153278486050469_5737385858251022575_nthe contemplation about leaving my country was a right decision. At the airport I was greeted by warm and friendly faces making it easy for me to settle in. The long drive from the airport to my NEW home was elongated and I got the first glimpse of the new town I am going to live in-London. The stunning greenery around, if you come from Mumbai it’s a big deal to see soon much well maintained luscious greenery. The smooth roads, pleasant weather and most importantly clean surroundings were quiet impressive. This is all because I came in the right weather- summer than the most spoken about and scary chilly winter of this country which I still have to experience. My new home was breath-taking and there wasn’t anything I could complaint about -I have seen this house through Skype and now I am actually standing in front of it, it felt unreal the whole experience felt like a dé ja vu. Within no time novelty took over skepticism. As a person I love trying my hands on new thing it gives me a great deal of adrenaline rush even if it meant using the dishwasher or the Hoover(that’s what they call a vacuum cleaner) for the first time I enjoyed it. As most girls these days I was too pampered by my parents and was too busy making a career to be involved on regular basis in the  house hold chores like cooking, cleaning  but you know you are married when you wake up in the morning the first thought that troubles you is: what do I cook today? Gradually you set in your routine and start adjusting to this new life and family, obvious you will miss your old house, your parents, your old job and your city your comfort zone but sooner you accept your new life style the easier it is. If your answer to any new problem is but that’s not how it’s done in my city you’re in for a big distressful life. There will be constant comparison to your old life style by other and by you about how thing are done back home and how it’s done here. You need to accept that your life style will be changing and you need to adapt to the new way of doing the same old things for a peaceful life. For example, people from India are more comfortable using the good old gas burner and here you might be lucky if you get it so if you choose to crib about it or learn how to cook on the electric burner is your choice.The more pleasant memories I create around my new life the easier it becomes to enjoy  the transition. It’s finally about seeing the glass being half full.

I definately like it here because I choose to like it  and as for those who want to know if I feel London is better than Mumbai my answer would be : there is no comparison I love both the places as my loved one’s reside both side of the world but yes there will always be a bias for the place I am born and brought up in as it’s my Home away from home.

MBA in Bridal Shopping


After engagement, the biggest task that you will have in your hands is the Wedding Shopping. Now if you are as naive as me and nowhere near topping the list of shopaholic, you have no idea whats in store for you. Mind you, it’s not the kind of shopping you think will get over in a weeks time.This shopping need an MBA executive level of planning and precision. Now if you are thinking- WTF. Let me explain:

You need to have the research skills of an Marketing personnel: The 5 W’s that form the base of marketing subjects will help you give the start -who will go to buy ,What will you buy, Where will you buy it from,When will you buy it and Why should you buy it. The answer to these questions will be your first step to start your shopping spree.

You need to have the interpersonal skills of an HR executive: Even if you are a Loner, shopping is a dish best served with people. Managing your shopping gang from ‘Must shop with you’ to ‘Have to shop with you’, all need to be taken care of and handled with care. You will need some one to call your favorite designer for your fitting to someone for picking up your jewelry on the right day.You don’t want people goofing up ,do You?

You need the calculations abilities of a Finance Manager and accountant: As you will be spending lakhs of Rupees for buying a bindi to your expensive jewelry. Keeping a log of your daily expenditure will help you to maintain your accounts. Excel can be your BFF to help you sail this ship 🙂

So you see shopping ain’t that easy, is it? So from my recent shopping experience here I list down the basic things you need to know before you start your shopping spree:

shoppinglist1) Whats on your List: You cannot start your shopping without a list of things you need to buy right from a hair clip to your toe-ring, you will be shopping it all. If you have a recently married friend or a cousin,they can be your biggest support along with your Mom and aunts.

25689592)Divide and Conquer: Your list can be bifurcated into clothes,jewelry,Cosmetics,accessories,shoes, bags, watches  and can be further sub divided into smaller categories.You can also delegate some of the shopping to your near and dear ones.

ru3) Moolah on the run: You will be in for a surprise when the same people who said that your wardrobe always overflows with unwanted clothes will ask you to keep buying more and its easy to lose track of the money that has been spend. Keep an upper limit to the expenditure you wish to incur on yourself based on the list you made with approximate amount that will be spend.This will help you keep a check on your accounts in the end.

cl4) The Clock is ticking: As most of us are working women and have packed weekdays, the obvious time for us to shop is the weekend. Lots to shop in a limited time frame is tedious.There will be days when you will come back with just a dress after spend the whole day as you didn’t like anything on display.Utilize your time wisely.

The-Plunge-Groom-Knows-You-Are-the-One5)Know thy Man: The one man who will probably be the first person who will answer your ” How do I look ?” questions for life is your husband. Whilst you are busy trying to buy clothes of your choice , keep his likes and dislikes also in mind(maybe his favorite colour). He will definitely appreciate the effort you made to impress him!

meas6)36-24-36: I am not saying that size matters but knowing your size does matter. Depending on the brands you plan to buy know your size in advance, it will save a lot of time. Keep your measurements handy if you are planning to get some of your clothes stitched. A stitch in time saves nine.

Inext_p_lfas_jeans-sare7) Indo- Western fusion: If you are an Indian bride your major shopping list will be divided into Indian clothes and western outfits. Your Indian wear will mostly be used for family functions and attending marriages as a newly wed bride. Western outfits for your daily wear, parties, casual outing or your special dates with your hubby.Don’t forget the special Honeymoon shopping. So divide your list depending on your need.

confused8)Location: You need to have a shopping guide as to what is available best and in which area.There are some locations or shops that are famous for its particular type of outfits or other shopping items. Your well done research will help you in buying 10 things at the same time from a particular area.Shopping location-wise is better than shopping accessories on one day and clothes on another.

download9)Shopping Companion: This is the time when your Shopaholic friends and aunties can become your best friend.They can take you to right shops and might get you good discounts as they are regular customers.  P.S. Make sure you have the same taste or else you will be crying over shopping bags you didn’t want to buy in the first place.

download (1)10) Sale Sale: If you are lucky you might get to shop during sale seasons and get heavy discounts and shop more than your expectations.

 heavy11)Damsel in Distress: You have lots of shopping to be done and we all know carry so many shopping bags isn’t an easy task for us pretty ladies .If you can get somebody to help the Damsel in Distress to carry your heavy 5 kg ghagra choli nothing like it.

download (2)12)This is it: The one outfit which is the most important for the bride-the wedding dress.Unless this dress makes you feel like a princess, don’t settle. If you can see your  love staring at you with love then you have found the one.

13) Impulsive binge: The benefit of being the bride no one will stop you from splurging. This is the time when its difficult for your parents to say a No. But don’t waste your time,energy and money buying things you might never use. Spend thrifty.

trousseau-shopping14)Enjoy the carefree shopping spree: At the same time enjoy this carefree shopping with your Mom, your best friends, and your loved ones as this time will not come back. The laughter, the outdoor snacks at your favorite adda with your besties and the crazy selfies… priceless.

It’s a shopping experience which can make you an addict even if you aren’t one and I am not complaining. In-case you forget something from your list, what do you do? Simple swipe in your darlings credit card and there you have it. 🙂

Hope these pointers can help you in your shopping spree. Happy Shopping!!!